Awagat Jung

Awagat Jung

Independent Security Analyst and Part-time Developer

Meet Awagat Jung, a security analyst and part time developer. With a profound passion for hacking and red teaming, Awagat’s achievements speak volumes about his expertise and dedication.

As a prominent CTF player, Awagat has consistently proven his skills by securing a spot in the top 120 global Hall of Fame at HackTheBox, an impressive feat that showcases his remarkable talent. Additionally, he has soared to the top of the charts, earning the prestigious title of being the number one-ranked HackTheBox player in Nepal.

Awagat’s expertise extends beyond just playing CTFs. His mastery in pentesting, exploit development, and tool creation for red teaming has earned him respect from peers and professionals alike. With an insatiable curiosity for Windows internals, he continuously delves into research to stay ahead of emerging security challenges.

With a profound understanding of security vulnerabilities, Awagat has crafted cutting-edge security tools that have further solidified his skills.

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